“What I Think”

… that people want to be heard. Even if you can’t agree on something, legitimately and honestly listening to a different viewpoint will go a long way.
… that good communications and community relations are valuable all the time and invaluable when something bad happens.
… that hard work always pays off. So I always work hard. And I try to work harder than anyone else.

… from becoming an Eagle Scout, that the real meaning of “Be Prepared” is not just being ready yourself, but anticipating what others might do and how you will react.
… the intensity of being part of a newsroom on deadline with a breaking story, and I still miss it.
… that my clients value my honesty and candor. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the values.

… in doing the right thing.
… most people are inherently good.
… the high road is the best way to reach middle ground.